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Although many individuals value charitable gifting, the potential they have for philanthropy is often underutilized or untapped. This is especially true for those who will outlive their capital. Establishing philanthropy as a core value creates a strong family identity across generations that benefits society for years to come.

  • The personal satisfaction that comes from giving may be the most rewarding objective a client achieves.
  • Participating in philanthropic activities can give new meaning to an individual in transition.
  • In addition, you can accomplish other key objectives such as tax minimization, portfolio diversification, and generational wealth transfer.

Our Approach

  • Through our discovery process we will help you align your personal values and wealth objectives to help fulfill your philanthropic intent.
  • We can share with you our experience with community foundations, donor advised funds, private and family foundations, and charitable trust planning that will help you identify the appropriate vehicle to fund your giving.
  • We will also identify appropriate gifting amounts on a routine basis in light of your concurrent wealth objectives.