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Executive Compensation

As a business owner, you are keenly aware of how difficult it is to attract and retain key personnel. The competition for superior technical managerial and executive talent is so fierce that you are constantly faced with finding ways to make your executive compensation package more attractive.

However, restrictive economic and regulatory factors make it difficult to reward key contributors using traditional compensation and benefit strategies in a cost effective manner. That’s why, for most business owners, designing an effective executive compensation plan requires guidance from experienced professionals.

Non-Qualified Plans Can be customized to Fit Your Needs

  • Permit higher annual benefit maximums than qualified plans.
  • May have different benefits for each covered employee.
  • Have no tax penalties for early retirement.
  • Allow vesting in plan assets to be customized (within limits of IRC 409A).
  • Can cover selected employees. Not everyone must be included.
  • Require no complicated government testing.

This flexibility makes non-qualified plans very attractive as a way to provide special treatment to top executive talent that could not otherwise be provided within the framework of tax qualified plans.